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9th International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks

September 25–27, 2013 | Sydney, Australia

33 Eirini Karapistoli and Anastasios Economides. *Anomaly Detection in Beacon-Enabled IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks*

29 Hui Cui, Yi Mu and Man Ho Au. *Public-Key Encryption Resilient to Linear Related-Key Attacks*

43 Shenglong Ding and Yiming Zhao. *Efficient Undeniable Attribute-Based Signature*

48 Xin Ruan, Chuan Yue and Haining Wang. *Unveiling Privacy Setting Breaches in Online Social Networks*

17 Li Miao, He Liangsheng, Gao Neng, Yang Tongjie and Liu Zongbin. *An Efficient Reconfigurable II-ONB Modular Multiplier*

22 Ibrahim Elashry, Yi Mu and Willy Susilo. *Generic Mediated Encryption*

68 Ryan Farley and Xinyuan Wang. *Disabling a Computer by Exploiting Softphone Vulnerabilities: Threat and Mitigation*

67 Mengjun Xie, Liang Hao, Kenji Yoshigoe and Jiang Bian. *CamTalk: A Bidirectional Light Communications Framework for Secure Communications On Smartphones*

15 Jun Jiang, Meining Nie, Purui Su and Dengguo Feng. *VCCBox: Practical Confinement of Untrusted Applications in Virtual Cloud Computing*

27 Niels Avonds, Raoul Strackx, Pieter Agten and Frank Piessens. *Salus: Non-Hierarchical Memory Access Rights to Enforce the Principle of Least Privilege*

46 Cui Xiang, Fang Binxing, Shi Jinqiao and Liu Chaoge. *Botnet Triple-Channel Model: Towards Resilient and Efficient Bidirectional Communication Botnets*

19 Aude Plateaux, Patrick Lacharme, Vincent Coquet, Sylvain Vernois, Kumar Murty and Christophe Rosenberger. *An e-payment architecture ensuring a high level of privacy protection*

45 Veelasha Moonsamy, Jia Rong, Shaowu Liu, Gang Li and Lynn Batten. *Contrasting Permission Patterns between Clean and Malicious Android Application*

25 Silvio Cesare, Yang Xiang and Jun Zhang. *Clonewise – Detecting Package-level Clones Using Machine Learning*

28 Minghua Wang, Purui Su, Qi Li, Lingyun Ying, Yi Yang and Dengguo Feng. *Automatic Polymorphic Exploit Generation for Software Vulnerabilities*

49 Yousra Aafer, Wenliang Du and Heng Yin. *DroidAPIMiner: Mining API-Level Features for Robust Malware Detection in Android*

59 Ting Zhou, Yaping Lin, Wei Zhang, Sheng Xiao and Jinguo Li. *Secure and Verifiable Top-k Query in Two-tiered Sensor Networks*

61 Fei Wang, Liusheng Huang, Zhili Chen, Haibo Miao and Wei Yang. *A Novel Web Tunnel Detection Method Based on Protocol Behaviors*

64 Jin B. Hong and Dong Seong Kim. *Scalable Security Model Generation and Analysis using k-importance Measures*

23 Mehari Msgna, Konstantinos Markantonakis and Keith Mayes. *The B-Side of Side Channel Leakage: Control Flow Security In Embedded Systems*

69 Udaya Tupakula and Vijay Varadharajan. *Integrated Security Architecture for Virtual Machines*